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My professional career began in what is now the United States Space Force when I commissioned as Lieutenant into the Air Force and moved to Schriever SFB, Colorado Springs, CO.

These positions set the foundation for many of my life's passions and professional roles.



2019 - 2021  🏆

Orbital Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Rocket Propulsion


Undergraduate Space Training, taught at Vandenberg SFB in Lompoc, California is a community college accredited course teaching all incoming Space Force Guardians the technical and leadership skills necessary to serve in Orbital Warfare, Space Battle Management, and Electronic Warfare positions.

As an instructor, I was responsible for building course materials, writing exams, and facilitating 30 hours of lectures per week. Lessons began with orbit fundamentals and basic propulsion concepts and progressed over four weeks to finally using Kalman filters to safely plan close proximity orbital maneuvers.

While I have always loved physics and math, the most rewarding part of this position was mentoring young leaders and engineers to use their new technical skills not just for day-to-day work, but to drive responsible & conflict-free use of space.

orbit analysis constellation image


2015 - 2019  🏆


In 2015, with only a couple astro & aeronautical engineering courses to lean on, I took my first position as the team lead for a three-person satellite operations crew. In rotating 24/7 shifts, we managed the communications systems on a constellation of Air Force satellites in a geosynchronous orbit. Users included military personnel, foreign nations, and President Obama.

After two years of continuing my math and physics education, I was selected to manage the orbit analysis section where I oversaw 12 direct report analysts. Daily work involved analyzing ground based location datasets to avoid satellite collisions, as well as calculations and fuel management for repositioning satellites to different orbits. It was in this position that I realized the true potential of software and technology to have a positive impact on the world. From here I began a lifelong journey of learning about how technology, software, and space can work together to make both human and natural systems on earth more sustainable.

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