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In 2019 I moved on from my previous roles as a satellite engineer and began my product management journey at the Air Force's Kessel Run. For years, I honed my skills in agile management and team leadership, culminating in my leading a 100+ person program composed of nine development teams.

I'm proud to say that the products I managed are now used daily by tens of thousands of military personnel, emergency responders, and data engineers across most continents.

My time at Kessel Run transformed me into the confident, cross-funtional, and technical leader that I am today.



2022 - 2023

Command and Control Incident Management Emergency Response Application (C2IMERA)


C2IMERA is an automated Command and Control (C2) and emergency management system providing enhanced situational awareness through “a single pane of glass” to wing commanders, staff, and their subordinates, whether in garrison or deployed. The system provides an integrated composite picture of wing/unit resources used for planning, force employment, emergency management, C2 monitoring, and reporting.

In this position I learned not only what it takes to manage a huge team and budget in the face of initial imposter syndrome, but also the true power of user-centered design when you have the ability to travel and the support of a dedicated team. As PM, I frequently traveled the world with my design team conducting interviews with users from the youngest Airman, to high ranking Pentagon employees. Returning home and watching real-life feedback alter and improve first the roadmap and then the prod code was a feeling of success and purpose that I will look for in every future PM role.


2021 - 2022

Multiple Data Governance and Data Warehousing Applications


My first experience as a product manager was a true trial by fire, as I joined a team preparing their initial MVP for an application designed to catch data errors across multiple F-35 aircraft maintenance MySQL databases. As both PM and Designer, I led a scrum team of 8 full stack developers and data engineers in deploying a monitoring tool that successfully resolved almost all data inconsistencies across the databases. 


Later that same team and I advocated for and received budget to refactor the existing code into a dockerized app using react.js and K8s. Feedback was outstanding for both usability and performance, inspiring other Kessel Run development teams to implement more modern and flexible software architectures.

Data PM
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