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Product Manager 

Air Force Veteran 

Wine & Food Nerd

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Welcome! I'm Mike Rodden.

I am an experienced analyst, program leader & data product manager.


I've been lucky to call many places home - from Santa Barbara, CA to Berlin, Germany 📍

When not at my day job, you'll most often find me cooking, home-brewing beer, taking wine tasting exams, studying languages, or running.

Passion Projects


Competed as an intercollegiate and semi-professional bullrider

2011 - 2016

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Taught private horseback riding lessons and led group trail rides in Malibu, CA

2017 - 2018

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M.S. Data Analytics Courses

To improve my product management skillset, I have taken 18 credit hours of computer science, business analytics, and digital marketing courses as a part time student.

USAFA logo, us air force academy

B.S. Biology - graduated 2015

At the Air Force Academy, I studied pre-Medicine Biology as part of an intensive degree program that also included computer science, astronautical engineering, and professional leadership courses.


In September 2023, I will complete a rigorous 2-year diploma including blind tasting assessments of world wines as well as viticulture and wine business courses.

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LEAP Scholar

As a Language Enabled Airman Program Spanish Scholar, I participated in cultural and language exchanges in Uruguay and Costa Rica.


Gestión de servicios

3 cursos de nivel universitario sobre la integración de marketing, recursos humanos y operaciones.

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